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GLOBAL 2024 is proud to announce that this year’s case company is Novo Nordisk

GLOBAL is the world’s largest student-run international case competition and is open for all university students. It is an opportunity for anyone, no matter location, to compete with some of the top case teams around the globe. The initial round will be held digitally, and semifinals held virtually, allowing all students from around the world to take part in the case solving experience. The GLOBAL 2024 final will be held at Porcelænshaven at Copenhagen Business School. The top 3 teams will be flown in and compete physically in the grand final which will be live streamed to all relevant platforms. GLOBAL is your chance to practice case-solving and be challenged by a panel of industry-leading professionals, which is an experience rarely gained while studying. It is a great opportunity to create lifetime experiences.

Train with Bain & Company

Need some advice on case solving? Watch our recording on Hypothesis-Driven Problem Solving:

1. Hypothesis-Driven Problem Solving

2. Communication and Case Tips & Tricks

This year we have 2 Train with Bain workshops covering the material mentioned above.

1. 30th of January 2024 at 16.00 - 19.30 CET at Copenhagen Business School, Solbjerg Plads or watch the recording on the link above.

2. 8th of February 2024 at 16.00 - 18.00 CET streamed online. Link will be provided to all sign-ups.

Competition format

The GLOBAL 2024 is comprised of three rounds:

  • All teams have 24 hours to solve a real-life business case. Solutions are uploaded through our online platform.
  • From all the solutions, the top 9 teams will continue to the semifinals which are hosted as a video conference.
  • The top 3 teams from the semifinals with the best solutions, handpicked by a panel of experienced judges will be invited to the GLOBAL 2024 final, which will be hosted at Copenhagen Business School. Both judges and an audience will be physically present, and the 3 finalist teams will be flown to Copenhagen.

Rules of participation


GLOBAL 2024 is for undergraduate and graduate university students from across the globe. You are an eligible student if you are either:

  • an undergraduate student
  • a graduate student with no more than a two-year gap between graduating from your bachelor programme and being enrolled in your graduate programme

Notice: As the semifinals will be hosted online, it is a requirement that participating teams can facilitate stable and high bandwidth internet connection and high-quality sound and video equipment. To ensure the best experience for everyone, participants' availability for testing sessions prior to advancing in the semifinals is required. In order to be eligible to advance to the semi-finals all participants in the team must be allowed to enter Denmark.

Team formation

All individuals should sign up through

  • I already have a group
    Once you've completed the sign-up at you can access Digital exam, where you will form your group. A link to digital exam will be present in the final step of sign-up. One person forms your group by inviting the other team members to the group. Remember, you can only add members who have already signed up at Each member must accept the group invitation on Digital exam.
  • I would like to be assigned to a group (solo participant)
    Additionally, if you are looking for teammates, you only have to complete the sign-up through and we will allocate you to a team. You will receive an email in week 6 (February 5th-February 5th - 10th). It will be your own responsibility to reach out to your group.
For detailed explanation about group formation and individual sign up, please click here.

Team formation:

  • Teams must consist of 3-4 eligible students
  • There are no requirements for gender balance on teams
  • Teams can be formed across universities and countries
  • We no longer find it a requirement for teams to be present at the same physical location during the semifinals. Therefore, to ensure fairness of competition, each team member is required to sit individually, but in a group video call with the rest of the team

Notice: Teams that are not 3-4 students by the time of case launch will not be eligible to upload a solution.

Solution format

A solution must be submitted as a single PDF document consisting of:

  • A slide deck of a maximum of 15 slides inclusive appendices, but excluding the front page and breaker slides (the slide size must be 16:9).
  • You must name your .pdf submission exactly as your team name

You can upload as many solutions as you want to (e.g. drafts and test submissions) - the last upload will be your final submission.

Notice: you are not allowed to disclose your personal names, the name of your university, or your country of origin in your final solution.

Confirmation of enrollment

If your team proceeds to the semifinals, CBS Case Competition will need confirmation of enrollment from all team members. Please have the appropriate documentation ready in advance.


Can the team consists of students from different countries, universities etc.?

Yes, a team can consisists of students from different countries, universities etc. as long as all team members are eligible and fulfill the requirements for team formation.

See more in the above sections Rules of participation and Team formation.

I have not formed a team in advance, is it still possible to participate?

Yes, it is still possible to participate. If you have not formed a team in advance, you can individually sign up as a participant [Be aware of different sign-up deadline ]

What does it mean that all submitted material must be anonymous?

Participants are not allowed to disclose the name of their university, their country, or their own name. You are only allowed to state your Team name which must not include the above.

More information

What does it mean that all submitted material must be anonymous? Participants are not allowed to disclose the name of their university, their country, or their own name. You are only allowed to state your Team name which must not include the above.

Visit our website where you can read more about CBS Case Competition as an organization and view previous years' cases and solutions - click here. If you encounter problems with the platform during the case solving or when downloading and uploading your solution, please contact us at